Processions-Piano 8'30"


In this world of ours- Flute  5'40"


Nocturne #1- Piccolo 3'30"

Now is the TIme-Bassoon 4' Commissioned by Vote100 at Royal Holloway.


Tell it to the birds- Oboe (Cor A.).        9'15"

Trumpet.2 Violin, Viola, Cello. Dbl Bass


J.S.Bach Tocatta and Fugue D minor  6'20"

Arranged for flute choir: 12211


Fragmentations- 3 flute players          8'15"

I) fl.fl.fl II) fl.Afl.fl III) pic.pic.fl


Expanse- Bass flute & Cello                 2'00"


Meditation and Mantra-Solo flute &    8'00"


In the snow, something stirs...              5'30"

Bass Clarinet & Viola

Unconquered Night                                6'00"

Bass Clarinet, Viola & Piano

As my crane unfolds                              8'00

Bb Trumpet, Bassoon, Piano, Viola, Cello




Essay No.1: When the sun at last    4'00"

came out in October.                                 




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