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Limitation, exploration, and play.

RETRANSLATED is the practical component of my Doctoral research at Royal Holloway, University of London. The project seeks to explore, expand, and evaluate new instrumental capabilities through the collaborative creation of new works for the Kingma system  C flute through retranslating the timbres and techniques of the Japanese shakuhachi. 

Through a three stage process, each with its own limitations, new sounds were discovered and used in differing contexts. First, when creating multi-dimensional Mícronica transcriptions of traditional Honkyoku which explored a plethora of techniques across two staple pieces of the shakuhachi repertoire. 

A retranslation of Kazuo Fukushima's Shun San asks the question "what could Shun San sound like if Fukushima had access to a Kingma system flute?". Here, fingerings from the Honkyoku are expanded to new sonic areas to broaden the timbral palate of the Kingma System even further. 

Finally, new works were created in collaboration which sought to apply these newly found and expanded sounds and techniques into repertoire for Kingma System flute and live electronics. 

The following pages highlight each of these stages and the works created, as well as documenting the techniques learned in the process. 

A final section explores the collaborative relationships entered into throughout the project and offers a new visual model for evaluating collaborative creation of new works.

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Multi-dimensional Mícronica transcriptions of Shika no Tone and Tsuru no Sugamori for the Kingma System flute.

Japanese Flute


A retranslation of Kazuo Fukushima's 1969 Shun San for utilising the Kingma system flute.

Image by Johannes Kopf


Explore new works for Kingma system flute and electronics that retranslate the timbres and techniques of the shakuhachi.

Image by Luca Bravo

Collection of fingerings *COMING SOON*

Fingerings used and developed in the project are presented here

Image by Johannes Kopf

On collaboration *COMING SOON*

An evaluation of the collaborative relationships of Retranslated and a new visual model for understanding collaboration.

Image by Johannes Kopf
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