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For Kingma system flute and live electronics

Screenshot 2021-05-09 at 15.57.11.png

effect/cause pits the shakuhachi and Kingma system flute against each other in a game of cat and mouse as the Shakuhachi has been transported to the future thanks to the amazing track created by Chelsea Bruno which samples recordings of traditional Honkyoku and combines them with synth music. The flute spends the piece trying to catch up to the Shakuhachi through additive live processing. 

It's so exciting to see music for this project emerge and I had to share the opening cadenza as a teaser! In the writing of this section I explored the fingerings found in the opening of the Shika no tone transcription, picking out new multiphonics and retranslating the popping trills of karakara and timbral trills of KoroKoro and Furi Otoshi added for irregular phrase endings. This opening also triggers four pre-recorded samples of flute, creating a sense of space and setting up the flute's development throughout the piece. 

I'm looking forward to completing the rest of the piece over the coming months and look forward to sharing the results of this first collaboration including a conversation between myself and Chelsea on the process and discussion on the techniques used.


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