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Partial Dependancy

for flute and live electronics

Calla knows how to make some strange electronic sonic environments and I have been looking forward to this piece for a while. 

Early discussions and workshops were around improvisations and text based scores and these early sketches have turned into a somewhat trio nature between electronics and performer. 

The max patch created by Calla is built of two channel delays presented as left and right to envelope the performer. These delays, however, have a mind of their own- repeating gestures by the performer at random, and changing their dynamic level. Something played quietly by the performer could, ten seconds later, be repeated dominantly within the texture and thus change the performers intentions. 

The layering effect develops as the entire first half of the piece is played back whilst the process is repeated on the second melodic gesture. 

In performing this piece I have explored the idea of 'partial' from the title by allowing myself to explore the partials that occur on the given fingerings, or any other alternate fingerings that create those fundamental pitches. This approach has opened up a huge amount of sonic possibilities and tackles the question posed by Calla: 

"seemingly listless, actually focused is this possible?

maybe, let’s find out"

Be sure to listen to this one with headphones!

Screenshot 2022-01-31 at 12.56.26.png
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